Information for Submitting an Event

All event submissions must be approved by the Ashe Chamber of commerce before they are featured online. Current members of the Ashe Chamber can submit events through their member account and enjoy expedited approval. Non-members can still submit events by filling out the online form found here. Anyone submitting an event should review the rules for eligible events before submitting.

Rules For Submitting Events

Events to be included in the calendar must be one or more of the following:

  • The event must be open to the public and must be held in Ashe County
  • The event must appeal to out of town visitors as well as residents of Ashe County
  • The event must be in good taste and family friendly
  • Festivals and other events that are primarily entertaining or recreational in nature and that are likely to be of interest to a broad number of travelers.
  • Arts and entertainment events, including: art exhibits, professional dance concerts, music concerts (primarily professional), theater performances (primarily professional), special exhibits (usually at historic museums or similar sites
  • Sports events designed to draw out-of-town participants, such as: major bike rides and events, major fishing tournaments, golf tournaments, major motor races, marathons, major running and walking events, professional team sports

Events that do not qualify to be included in the calendar:

  • Trade, consumer, club, hobby or collectors' shows. (Exceptions: antique shows deemed large or varied enough to draw out-of-town visitors; sports & travel shows promoting Ashe County travel)
  • Sales and/or company promotions will not be listed on the calendar
  • Meals (dinners, breakfasts, etc) except those mentioned in description of a larger event
  • Flea markets, swap meets, sidewalk sales or crazy days
  • The Chamber does not endorse political candidates, thus, it will not list on its community calendar those events sponsored solely to promote a particular candidate or candidates or events with the primary purpose of campaigning
  • Benefits or fund raisers for individuals or groups will not be listed
  • Lectures, slide shows, conferences or other educational events
  • Events longer than 1 week
  • Style shows
  • Private home tours
  • Club events
  • Ongoing activities with no specific dates
  • Church fairs or bazaars
  • Religious services
  • Season opening dates of attractions
  • Civic events
  • Events directed toward very specific audience (example: trail rides, for those who own their own horses; town reunions)
  • Events that require advance reservations (except for arts or sports events)
  • Events that are deemed “commercial advertising” promoting a single business (example; Trivia Night, Steak Night, Sunday Brunch)
  • In general, events with limited appeal to the general public

To view these guidelines as a PDF, click here.