Events Calendar Guidelines

Updated January 1, 2021

The Ashe County Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to accept, deny, or edit any event calendar submission. Generally, the Chamber will be guided in its decisions by the guidelines that follow:

The Chamber calendar is equal opportunity and non-discriminatory.

Events will be included in only ONE calendar: Visitor, Local Appeal, or Music Events.

The Chamber has the authority to determine/change to event submission to the most appropriate calendar selection.

Events to be included in the calendar must be:

  • Open to the public and be held in Ashe County. (Events outside of Ashe County are only allowed when submitted by and sponsored by a member business of the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce and meet all other guidelines.)
  • Appeal to out-of-town visitors, as well as residents of Ashe County
  • In "good taste" and family friendly
  • Primarily entertaining or recreational and likely to be of interest to a broad number of attendees

Events that do not qualify for inclusion in the calendars:

  • Sales and/or company promotions
  • Meals, unless they are used as local fundraiser events for non-profit groups – fundraisers for individuals will not be considered
  • Flea markets, swap meets, sidewalk sales, yard sales
  • Events sponsored solely to promote a particular political candidate or events with the primary purpose of campaigning
  • Events longer than one week
  • Private home tours
  • Ongoing activities with no specific dates
  • Weekly religious services
  • Season opening dates of attractions
  • Events directed toward a very specific audience
  • In general, events with limited appeal to the general public