The Brutal

The Blue Ridge Brutal is not for the fainthearted. All the three rides—100, 70, or 50 miles in length—take you through the Blue Ridge Mountains and over many hills. However, your efforts are rewarded by many stunning views of the coolest corner of North Carolina. In addition, each ride includes hospitality and rider aide at designated rest stops, clearly signed routes, and volunteers at major turns. The Assault on Mt. Jefferson is an option for those seeking an extra challenge – a 3.4-mile route with an elevation gain of 1,476 feet! Limited to 80 riders, the Assault serves as an unforgettable ending to an already memorable Brutal ride!

Love cycling, challenging yourself, and the incredible scenery of the North Carolina High Country? Visit or call the Chamber at (336) 846-9550 for more information!

Blue Ridge Brutal starting grid