Board of Directors

Officers Fiscal 2017-2018  

Chair: Rex Goss

Vice Chair: Karen Powell (SkyLine Membership Corp.)

Executive Secretary – Jennifer Glass (NC Cooperative Extension Agent)

Treasurer – Josh Roten (Badger Funeral Home)

Board Members Fiscal Year 2017-18

Becky Absher – Becky and Company

Susan Banks – Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Becky Greer – Wilkes Community College

Andy Guion – Hotel Tavern

Cameron Keziah- Forest Ridge Assisted Living

Laura Lambeth – Ashe Memorial Hospital

Jane Lonon – Ashe County Arts Council

Joallen Lowder – Ashe County Schools

Terrie Moore - Ashe County Tax Mapping

Jim Parsons – Lansing Village Shoppe

Ramona Renfroe – Museum of Ashe County History

Andria Robbins - Global Manufacturing Services, Inc.

Kay Sexton – Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corp.

Bob Washburn - LifeStore

Executive Director  

Kitty Honeycutt